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Track Name: Rise Over Run
If I was independent like a stream
I'd drown any mathematician who/that tried calculate me
Track Name: Some Bit of Your Skin

on the print of an image of some bit of your skin is a film of dust that must be wiped clean

Piano accompaniment - excerpt from Erik Satie's, "Embryons desséchés, II. D'Edriophthalma. Sombre"
Track Name: Not Enough Time for Some Men
I did not want to take this long

But you told me I would
Track Name: We Are Not Babble
Which winter fires breathe life into this myth?
The rush of goosebump and flight of bliss only talk about what can be had.
The love that is sought is not.
We are not babble, but yes we can't exist.
Track Name: Simultaneously Subjective
The difference in the way
in which a claim is constructed
is based mostly on
precepts of discipline
acquired through volitional acceptance
Track Name: You Shouldn't Have
and you told me how you left it bleeding
and how you were scared that it had meaning